District Governor Charlotte’s Bio

Hi, I am Charlotte Miller from Story City and have lived in mid Iowa all my life. Grew up on a farm and went to Marshalltown for nurses training. After graduation I worked in the eye department of the hospital, with Wolfe Eye Clinic Doctors, who were the Wolfes and only a few others at that time. After having 4 children and 3 with eye problems, we visited the clinic often. I took a respite from nursing while the kids were little and I had some health issues, when I went back 5 years later a lot of hospital nursing had changed. I went to nursing homes and really enjoyed the people and the work. I met patients who were Doctors, nurses, farmers, parents of Doctors and many businesses in the town. I also met many of their families in all walks of life.

My husband was a veteran and a farmer, passed away because of cancer when my youngest was 11 years old.

Eight years later, while working in a nursing home I met a guy who visited daily to deliver newspapers to the home and residents. We got married and that was when I was introduced to LIONS. I got to know more people in the community that way also. We moved closer to his work which was in Ames and I worked in various nursing homes in the area. Of course he joined a Lions Club immediately, I helped out as needed but did not join, because I worked evenings and they met in the evenings.
I got more involved as I was able to when he became a DG and we went to Korea for the International Convention that year. I did join Lions Club when I retired from nursing.

District 9MC Leadership

District Governor 9MC: Charlotte Miller

1st Vice District Governor: Judy Stone

2nd Vice District Governor: Erica Briest

Cabinet Secretary: Bill Pollard

Cabinet Treasurer: Bill Shutters

Region #1 Chairperson: Vacant

Region #2 Chairperson: Garry Vokes

Region #3 Chairperson: Erica Briest

Zone 1 Chairperson: Janice Carpenter

Zone 2 Chairperson: Steve Halstead

Zone 3 Chairperson: Vacant

Zone 4 Chairperson: Kevin Lassen

Zone 5 Chairperson: Vacant

Zone 6 Chairperson: Erica Briest

Zone 7 Chairperson: Vacant

Alert Chairperson: Janice Carpenter

Campus Chairperson: Bill Pollard

Care & Share Program Chairperson: Judy Stone

Constitution/Bylaws Chairperson: PID Gary Fry

Convention Co-Chairpersons: John & Linda Narigon

Diabetes Awareness Chairperson: Janice Carpenter

District Chaplain: Rev. Jim Louk

Global Leadership Coordinator (GLT): Bill Pollard

Global Membership Coordinator (GMT): Jim Appleget

Global Service Coordinator (GST): PID Gary Fry

GMT Family and Womens: Betty Shutters

Honorary Cabinet Member: PID Gary Fry

Information Technology Chairperson: Ronald Schappaugh

Iowa KidSight Coordinator: Leonard Ringgenberg

Iowa Lions Foundation Trustee 2: Bill Shutters

Iowa Lions Foundation Trustee 1: Craig Arendt

LCIF Chairperson: Judy Stone

Leader Dog Chairperson: Erica Briest

LEO Club Chairperson: Zane Vokes

PDG Associate Coordinator: Judy Stone

Peace Poster Chairperson: Ivadeen Proffit

Public Relations Chairperson: Ronald Schappaugh

Stamps for Postal History: PDG Dennis Crabtree

State Lioness Co-Coordinator: Charlotte McGinty

State Lioness Co-Coordinator: Dessa Hattenfield

Trading Pin Chairperson: PDG Dennis Crabtree

Youth Exchange Chairperson: Zane Vokes

Nominating Committee Chair: Marv Goodyk

There are additional areas for forward thinking Lions to step up and serve, contact DG Charlotte for details.